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“Turysta” is about an American who returns to his European homeland to find meaning in his life.  About 20 years after his family immigrated to Chicago to begin a prosperous life, Marek is still unable to assimilate to the American way of life. Feeling drawn to his European roots, he chooses to study Psychology in Paris. There he indulges in the finest of what Europe has to offer, however, this free-spirited careless lifestyle causes him to flunk out of University. Being privileged to pursue any direction he desires, he decides to remain in Europe to pursue the arts hoping it will give depth and identity to his life. However, his identity is torn further by the cultures of the two continents, different women influencing his life and random events.

Credit list:

Marek Birner as “Marek”

Marika Tomczyk as “Magda”

Anna Karczmarczyk as “Ewa”

Maciej Nawrocki as “Tom”

Stefano Terrazzino as “Javier”

Joanna Turkowska as “Dorota”

Ela Pawlak as “Genevieve”

Casting by Marek Birner

Sound, Costume and Production Design by Tom Sokalski

Music by Various artists

Translations and Script Editing by Marek Birner

Cinematography and Editing by Tom Sokalski

Produced by Marek Birner and Tom Sokalski

Written and Directed by Tom Sokalski

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  1. 1-12-2013

    And That is what I call Film Trailer:) Great pictures, great music and You can watch it several-thousand times!

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